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Finding Your Perfect Cricket Coach: Top 10 Cricket Coaches in Delhi NCR

Updated: 4 days ago

At gocricit, we understand that finding the right cricket coach can make all the difference in your cricketing journey. A good coach can not only refine your skills but also become a mentor, confidante, and guide on your path to cricketing excellence.

To help you find the perfect match, gocricit utilizes a robust ranking system that considers several key factors:

  • Players Feedback: This reflects the feedback and reviews provided by gocricit students, giving you valuable insights into the coach's effectiveness and teaching style.

  • Certifications: We prioritize coaches with certifications from esteemed organizations like the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India), ICC (International Cricket Council), ECB (England and Wales Cricket Board), NIS, and ASCA (Australian Strength and Conditioning Association). These certifications demonstrate a coach's commitment to professional development and adherence to the highest coaching standards.

  • Experience: Years of coaching experience translate into a wealth of knowledge and the ability to adapt training methods to suit individual needs and playing styles.

  • Playing Experience: Coaches with a strong playing background can offer invaluable insights and practical advice gleaned from their time on the field. They understand the challenges and pressures players face in competitive environments.

  • Quality of Players Coached: Tracking the success of a coach's students paints a clear picture of their ability to nurture talent and help players reach their full potential. Have they trained players who have gone on to represent state or national teams?

Continuing our previous discussion on how gocricit helps you find the perfect cricket coach, we're excited to release the list of the top 10 coaches from Delhi NCR. Remember, this list is a dynamic reflection of our ever-expanding coaching network, and new stars may emerge as we welcome more talent aboard.

So, are you ready to meet the cricketing mentors who can turn your passion into mastery?

1. Anureet Singh: The Fast Bowling Alchemist

  • Experience: 1.5 years of coaching, decorated playing career (played for India A and red-hot domestic seasons)

  • Specialties: Fast Bowling

  • Accolades: Holds a Level 2 coaching certification from the ECB (England and Wales Cricket Board). Trained several state-level players, with 3 currently dominating the Bengal Cricket League and another on his way to conquer England's pitches (Sumit Kumar).

gocricit | Anureet Singh Coach Profile

Why Choose Anureet Singh?

Anureet Singh's experience as a fast bowler translates into invaluable coaching wisdom. He's an alchemist who transforms raw pace into wicket-taking machines. While his coaching career is young, his focus on building not just skills but also mental strength and physical fitness has already yielded impressive results.

2. S.P. Yadav: The Architect of Batting Greats

  • Experience: 15 years of coaching, decorated university cricketer

  • Specialties: Batting

  • Accolades: Holds the prestigious ICC Level 3 coaching certification and boasts an impressive academic background (NIS diploma, B.Ped, and M.Ped). Coaches students across the globe, from aspiring players to seasoned domestic stars.

gocricit | SP Yadav Coach Profile

Why Choose S.P. Yadav?

S.P. Yadav is a maestro of transforming raw talent into batting brilliance. His strategic expertise, combined with his playing experience and impressive qualifications, positions him as a world-class coach. He caters to students globally, offering personalized plans to unlock their true batting potential.

3. Phoolchand Sharma: The Grassroots Guru Who Grows Champions

  • Experience: 25 years

  • Specialties: All-round development (batting, bowling, fielding)

  • Accolades: Nurtured talents who have become Ranji Trophy stars and IPL phenoms (names like Shivam Mavi and Harsh Tyagi). Served as Joint Secretary of the Ghaziabad Cricket Association and managed the prestigious Indian Green team in the Duleep Trophy.

gocricit | Phoolchand Sharma Coach Profile

Why Choose Phoolchand Sharma?

Phoolchand Sharma is a nurturing force who cultivates young talent into well-rounded cricketers. With a staggering 25 years of experience, he has a keen eye for identifying raw potential and a passion for guiding players from a young age. His focus on all-round development ensures a holistic cricketing foundation.

4. Jaswinder Singh: The Architect of Cricket Champions

  • Experience: 20+ years

  • Specialties: Batting, Bowling

  • Accolades: Coached successful teams like the Northern Railway Women's Cricket Team and the Indian Railway U19 Team. Trained notable players like Rishabh Pant and Rohini Raj.

gocricit | Jaswinder Singh's Coach Profile

Why Choose Jaswinder Singh?

With over two decades of experience, Jaswinder Singh isn't just a coach; he's a seasoned veteran who understands every aspect of the game. From raw talent to national stars, he has a proven track record of shaping champions. His expertise spans batting and bowling, making him a well-rounded coach who can address your specific needs.

5. Ajay Verma: The Multifaceted Cricket Guru

  • Experience: 14+ years

  • Specialties: All-round development (batting, bowling, fielding)

  • Accolades: Holds BCCI Level 1 and 2 certifications. Coached U-15 and U-19 DDCA teams. Worked as an assistant coach for HPCL and Ghatkopar Jolly Gymkhana.

gocricit | Ajay Verma Coach Profile

Why Choose Ajay Verma?

Ajay Verma's diverse cricketing background makes him a unique coach. Having experience as a player, umpire, and coach (with BCCI certifications), he possesses a 360-degree understanding of the game. This allows him to connect with players on a deeper level and create personalized plans that address their individual strengths and weaknesses.

6. Neha Tanwar: The Game Changer Who Shapes Champions

  • Experience: 8+ years of coaching, BCCI Level 2 certification

  • Specialties: All-round development

  • Accolades: Exceptional playing career representing India against cricketing giants. Honed the skills of national teams and IPL (Women's) cricketers.

gocricit | Neha Tanwar Coach Profile

Why Choose Neha Tanwar?

Neha Tanwar is an inspiration, both as a cricketer and a coach. Her experience playing for India translates into invaluable insights she shares with her students. With over 8 years of coaching experience and a BCCI Level 2 certification, she emphasizes personalized skill development, building tactical awareness, and fostering a positive team culture.

7. Yashpal Singh: The Veteran Who Walks the Walk

  • Experience: 15+ years of coaching, BCCI Level-A coaching certification

  • Specialties: Batting

  • Accolades: Extensive playing career (U-16, U-19 for Delhi, First-Class, List A, and T20 matches). Worked as Batting Coach for the Punjab Senior Men's Team and Head Coach for teams like North Zone and Manipur Cricket Association's U-19 team.

gocricit | Yashpal Singh Coach Profile

Why Choose Yashpal Singh?

Yashpal Singh's cricketing journey from player to coach allows him to connect with students on a deeper level. He doesn't just impart knowledge; he shares his experience from years of competitive cricket. His coaching career boasts a BCCI Level-A certification and a proven track record of success in shaping prominent teams.

8. Vijay Bhatnagar: The All-Rounder Who Builds All-Rounders

  • Experience: 15+ years of coaching, BCCI Level 2 and ASCA Level 2 Coach certifications

  • Specialties: All-round development (with a focus on wicket-keeping and batting)

  • Accolades: Wicketkeeper-batsman for Tripura in the Ranji Trophy. Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for teams like Mizoram and Uttarakhand U-19.

gocricit | Vijay Bhatnagar Coach Profile

Why Choose Vijay Bhatnagar?

Vijay Bhatnagar isn't just a coach; he's a true cricket devotee. His playing career and coaching philosophy reflect his well-rounded approach. He focuses on creating not just skilled players, but well-conditioned athletes with strong mental resilience. His experience as a wicketkeeper-batsman allows him to offer valuable insights to players of all disciplines.

9. Gaurav Kaushik: The Science Behind the Swing

  • Experience: NCA-BCCI Level-1 and ASCA Professional Level-2 S&C (Australia) certifications, PG Diploma in Strength & Conditioning (Leipzig University), B.Sc. (Health & Sports Science), Master's in P.E & Sports (Cricket)

  • Specialties: Strength & Conditioning

gocricit | Gaurav Kaushik Coach Profile

Why Choose Gaurav Kaushik?

Gaurav Kaushik isn't just a coach; he's a scientist of peak performance. His impressive academic background and certifications solidify his expertise in sports science and strength & conditioning. He uses this knowledge to craft personalized programs that enhance skill, physical conditioning, and mental fortitude. Gaurav empowers athletes to reach their full potential by focusing on both physical strength and mental focus.

10. Neeru Gulia: The Architect of Batting Champions

  • Experience: 10 years of coaching, BCCI Level 2 and NIS certifications

  • Specialties: Batting

  • Accolades: First-Class cricketer and Head Coach of the U-19 Women's team at the DDCA. Utilizes match analysis to create personalized development plans.

gocricit | Neeru Gulia Coach Profile

Why Choose Neeru Gulia?

Neeru Gulia's experience as a player and coach allows her to guide young talent with a unique perspective. Her coaching approach is data-driven, using match analysis to identify areas for improvement. She focuses on not just developing sound batting techniques but also tactical awareness, ensuring her students can adapt to different game situations.


The gocricit coaches we've highlighted represent just a glimpse of the exceptional talent available on our platform. With their diverse experience, coaching styles, and specializations, there's a perfect match for every aspiring cricketer. Are you ready to embark on your cricketing journey? Visit gocricit today to explore our coaches' profiles, learn more about their training methods, and schedule your trial session @299, with a 100% money-back guarantee.

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We believe that with the right guidance and dedication, you too can achieve cricketing greatness!

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