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Abhijeet Singh Thakur

Abhijeet Singh Thakur

Cricket Physiotherapist

Jammu Kashmir Cricket Association

Surat, Gujarat, India

Meet Abhijeet Singh Thakur: Expert Cricket Physiotherapist Abhijeet Singh Thakur is an experienced physiotherapist who specializes in cricket injuries. With his extensive knowledge and focus on detailed assessments, evidence-based rehabilitation, and injury prevention, Abhijeet helps athletes recover and perform their best. He holds certifications in treating Lumbar Stress Injuries and ACL injuries, ensuring athletes fully return to play. Abhijeet is recognized for his work with cricket injuries at all levels, from grassroots to international. He performs thorough musculoskeletal (MSK) assessments and creates prehab plans to prevent injuries. His approach emphasizes educating athletes about their conditions and recovery steps, ensuring they understand the entire process. Abhijeet's achievements include ranking second in the All India Sports Physiotherapy Postgraduate Entrance Exam at Guru Nanak Dev University, showcasing his academic excellence. He is known for successfully treating career-threatening injuries, like Lumbar Stress Injuries and ACL injuries, earning a reputation for excellence in sports physiotherapy. Abhijeet's experience spans different competition levels, where he has effectively treated various serious injuries. His sessions are methodical, involving detailed assessments, diagnostic tests, and education about the athlete’s condition and recovery plan. His milestone-based rehab plans are designed to help athletes recover efficiently and effectively. A key highlight of Abhijeet's work is his thorough and accurate assessment of cricket injuries. His approach includes taking a detailed history, performing specific tests, and educating athletes about their conditions. His evidence-based rehabilitation ensures effective treatment tailored to each athlete's needs, helping them fully recover and return to play. Abhijeet's training plans are comprehensive and customized for each athlete. His sessions focus on thorough assessments, diagnosis, and milestone-based rehab plans. He educates athletes about their conditions, recovery times, and steps for a complete return to play, ensuring the highest standard of care based on the latest research. Specializing in cricket physiotherapy, Abhijeet offers expert care for a wide range of cricket-related injuries. His focus on injury prevention, comprehensive assessments, and evidence-based rehab makes him a trusted specialist. He tailors treatment plans to each athlete's unique challenges, providing personalized care. Ready to recover and boost your cricket performance? Book a session with Abhijeet Singh Thakur today to receive expert physiotherapy care tailored to your needs. Don’t miss the chance to work with a dedicated and experienced physiotherapist committed to helping you achieve your recovery and performance goals.

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Masters in Sports Physiotherapy

Experience (years)



Secured 2nd Rank at Guru Nanak Dev University, All India Sports Physiotherapy PG Entrance Exam

More About Coach 
Abhijeet Singh Thakur

I have vast experience of treating cricketing injuries of cricketers from grass root to international level with focus on comprehensive assessment, diagnosis and milestone based rehab plan.

I also specialise in conducting cricket based MSK assessment and provide Prehab plan thus helping the athletes in injury prevention.

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Who is Abhijeet Singh Thakur?

Abhijeet Singh Thakur brings 3 years of experience to the cricket field, with a background in Physiotherapist . Having achieved : Secured 2nd Rank at Guru Nanak Dev University, All India Sports Physiotherapy PG Entrance Exam , Abhijeet Singh Thakur is well-equipped to guide aspiring cricketers.

What certifications and credentials does Abhijeet Singh Thakur hold?

Abhijeet Singh Thakur is certified in Masters in Sports Physiotherapy and has 3 years of hands-on experience. This foundation has been pivotal in Abhijeet Singh Thakur's approach to nurturing young talent.

How does Abhijeet Singh Thakur approach coaching?

My sessions focus on thorough assessment of a condition which includes history taking, performing specific diagnostic tests and educating the athlete about his condition, expected time for return to play and executing evidence rehabilitation plan. Abhijeet Singh Thakur's method is tailored to enhance both the individual skills and team dynamics of players.

How can I book a session with Abhijeet Singh Thakur?

Booking a session with Abhijeet Singh Thakur is easy! Just visit the 'Book a session' section on this page, select your preferred date and time, and get ready to elevate your cricketing skills under the guidance of one of the best.

Where does Abhijeet Singh Thakur practice?

Abhijeet Singh Thakur practices at Surat, Gujarat, India.

Why do players visit Abhijeet Singh Thakur?

Players seek out Abhijeet Singh Thakur for expertise in Physiotherapist , successful track record, and the personalized coaching method. Abhijeet Singh Thakur's focus on Physiotherapist attracts both budding and seasoned cricketers.

What age groups does Abhijeet Singh Thakur specialize in coaching?

Abhijeet Singh Thakur offers coaching for various age groups ranging from young beginners to advanced players. Specializing in training All Age Groups players, Abhijeet Singh Thakur tailors coaching sessions to meet the developmental needs of each group.

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