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Tushar Sinha

Tushar Sinha

Batting Bowling

G.C.R.G. Cricket Academy

St. Joseph College, Sitapur Rd, Sector B, Keshav Nagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226024, India

Tushar Sinha is a distinguished cricket coach specializing in batting and bowling, with over 11 years of dedicated coaching experience. Holding multiple prestigious certifications, including BCCI Level 1, NIS (Patiala), UPCA Level O, and KITS Level 2, Coach Sinha is well-equipped to guide cricketers from the foundational stages to professional levels. His coaching career is marked by significant achievements and contributions to the sport, making him a highly respected figure in cricket coaching. Based in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, Tushar Sinha has a rich background in competitive cricket, having represented the Uttar Pradesh State team in the U-15, U-19, and U-23 (Camp) categories, as well as the University team on four occasions. His firsthand experience as a player provides him with invaluable insights into the game, which he effectively translates into his coaching methods. Currently, he serves as the Head Coach at Kooh Sports and TS Cricket Academy, where he has trained numerous domestic and international players, including India's star all-rounder Washington Sundar. Coach Sinha's approach to coaching is characterized by his emphasis on comprehensive development and interactive learning. He believes in involving players in decision-making processes, transforming tactics and techniques into engaging problem-solving challenges. This method not only makes learning fun but also ensures that players develop a deeper understanding of the game. By fostering good communication and creating a supportive environment, Tushar enables players to achieve their full potential through meaningful interactions and strategic questioning. One of the key aspects of Tushar Sinha's coaching philosophy is his focus on personalized guidance. In one-on-one sessions, players receive tailored feedback and customized training plans designed to address their specific strengths and weaknesses. This personalized approach helps players enhance their skills and improve their performance on the cricket field. Whether a player is a beginner or at an advanced level, Coach Sinha's expertise ensures that they receive the right guidance to progress in their cricketing journey. Tushar Sinha's training sessions are meticulously planned to cater to the needs of each player. His methods include a combination of technical drills, tactical discussions, and mental conditioning. By assessing each player's abilities, Tushar designs targeted exercises that enhance their batting and bowling skills. His use of video analysis provides players with a clear understanding of their techniques, allowing them to make necessary adjustments and improvements. In addition to his technical coaching, Tushar places a strong emphasis on the mental aspect of the game. He understands that mental resilience and strategic thinking are crucial for success in cricket. Through his coaching, players learn to develop a strong mindset, which helps them handle pressure situations and make smart decisions on the field. This holistic approach ensures that players are not only physically prepared but also mentally equipped to face the challenges of competitive cricket. For those looking to improve their cricketing skills under the guidance of a highly experienced and certified coach, Tushar Sinha is an ideal choice. His proven track record, combined with his dedication to player development, makes him a trusted figure in the cricket coaching community.

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NIS (Patiala), BCCI Level 1, UPCA Level O, and KITS Level 2

Experience (years)



Represented Uttar Pradesh State team in U-15,19,23 (Camp) and University team ( 4 times)

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Tushar Sinha

With credentials including NIS (Patiala), BCCI Level 1, UPCA Level O, and KITS Level 2, Coach Sinha brings a wealth of expertise and boasts 11 years of coaching experience. As a Board Trophy winner, he currently holds the position of Head Coach at Kooh Sports and TS Cricket Academy. He has trained many Domestic and International players including India's star All-rounder Washington Sundar. He has experience and expertise to guide a player from absolute beginning to a professional level.
With a wealth of experience and expertise, he possesses the capability to guide players from the absolute beginning to a professional level.

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Who is Tushar Sinha?

Tushar Sinha brings 11 years of experience to the cricket field, with a background in Batting & Bowling. Having achieved : Represented Uttar Pradesh State team in U-15,19,23 (Camp) and University team ( 4 times), Tushar Sinha is well-equipped to guide aspiring cricketers.

What certifications and credentials does Tushar Sinha hold?

Tushar Sinha is certified in NIS (Patiala), BCCI Level 1, UPCA Level O, and KITS Level 2 and has 11 years of hands-on experience. This foundation has been pivotal in Tushar Sinha's approach to nurturing young talent.

How does Tushar Sinha approach coaching?

The coach likes to involve players in decisions and makes learning fun by turning tactics and techniques into problem-solving challenges. With a focus on good communication, the coach creates an environment where players can learn and achieve through meaningful interactions. Asking strategic questions helps players discover solutions and makes the learning atmosphere dynamic. In one-on-one sessions, players can expect personalized guidance to improve their skills for better performance on the cricket field.Tushar Sinha's method is tailored to enhance both the individual skills and team dynamics of players.

How can I book a session with Tushar Sinha?

Booking a session with Tushar Sinha is easy! Just visit the 'Book a session' section on this page, select your preferred date and time, and get ready to elevate your cricketing skills under the guidance of one of the best.

Where does Tushar Sinha practice?

Tushar Sinha practices at St. Joseph College, Sitapur Rd, Sector B, Keshav Nagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226024, India.

Why do players visit Tushar Sinha?

Players seek out Tushar Sinha for expertise in Batting & Bowling, successful track record, and the personalized coaching method. Tushar Sinha's focus on Batting & Bowling attracts both budding and seasoned cricketers.

What age groups does Tushar Sinha specialize in coaching?

Tushar Sinha offers coaching for various age groups ranging from young beginners to advanced players. Specializing in training All Age Groups players, Tushar Sinha tailors coaching sessions to meet the developmental needs of each group.

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