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Akash Chauhan

Akash Chauhan

Batting Bowling

Green Field Cricket Academy

Unnati Marg, Vivek Vihar Phase I, Vivek Vihar, Delhi, India

Step into the world of cricket excellence with Akash Chauhan, a seasoned coach renowned for his expertise in both batting and bowling. With over 17 years of coaching experience and certification from the prestigious NIS (National Institute of Sports), Akash brings a wealth of knowledge and practical insight to his coaching sessions. His journey in cricket began as a player, representing the Railway team in the U-19 and U-23 categories and showcasing his talent at various levels, including the North Zone University team and U-19 ZCA. Located in the bustling city of New Delhi, India, Akash serves as the driving force behind the Green Field Cricket Academy, where aspiring cricketers come to hone their skills under his expert guidance. His coaching philosophy is rooted in personalized attention, catering to individuals aged 6 to 25 years old. Akash's coaching methodology is shaped by his extensive experience, having served as the head coach of the Vijay Dhayai Cricket Academy and KV School in Ghaziabad. One of the hallmarks of Akash's coaching career is the success stories of his students. Notable among them are Shivam Sharma, who represented Delhi in the Ranji Trophy and IPL, Varun Pal, who excelled in U-19 and U-23 categories for Punjab and the Railway Ranji team, and Amisha Bhakaundi, who made her mark in U-19 and U-23 cricket for Uttarakhand. These achievements underscore Akash's ability to nurture talent and propel aspiring cricketers towards their full potential. In his coaching sessions, Akash prioritizes individual skill enhancement, with a keen focus on batting techniques, bowling precision, and fielding prowess. Each session is meticulously crafted to address the specific needs of the player, ensuring a systematic approach to skill development. Through personalized training plans and dedicated drills, Akash instills confidence in his students as they evolve and excel in their cricketing journey. Sessions with Akash are available in person, providing the opportunity for direct interaction and hands-on coaching. The sessions are designed to be intensive yet rewarding, with a duration of 60 minutes each. Flexible scheduling options are available to accommodate the busy lifestyles of his students, ensuring that they can pursue their passion for cricket without compromising on other commitments. Booking a session with Akash Chauhan is seamless and convenient. Aspiring cricketers can secure their spot through the online booking system available at [], with session rates priced at 1499 INR per 60-minute session. Additionally, Akash offers trial sessions for those who wish to experience his coaching firsthand before committing to regular sessions. In summary, Akash Chauhan stands as a beacon of excellence in the world of cricket coaching, with a proven track record of nurturing talent and shaping the next generation of cricketing stars. If you're ready to elevate your game and unlock your full potential on the cricket field, book a session with Akash today and embark on a journey towards cricketing excellence.

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Represented the Railway team in the U-19 and U-23 categories

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Akash Chauhan

With over 17 years of coaching experience and NIS certification, coupled with my background of playing U-19 and U-22, representing the North Zone University team three times, and participating in U-19 ZCA, I specialize in coaching individuals aged 6 to 25 years old.

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Who is Akash Chauhan?

Akash Chauhan brings 17 years of experience to the cricket field, with a background in Batting & Bowling. Having achieved : Represented the Railway team in the U-19 and U-23 categories, Akash Chauhan is well-equipped to guide aspiring cricketers.

What certifications and credentials does Akash Chauhan hold?

Akash Chauhan is certified in NIS and has 17 years of hands-on experience. This foundation has been pivotal in Akash Chauhan's approach to nurturing young talent.

How does Akash Chauhan approach coaching?

In our sessions, the primary focus is on enhancing individual cricket skills. We tailor the emphasis to each player's specific needs. Dedicated time is allocated to refining batting techniques, honing bowling precision, and developing fielding prowess through carefully crafted drills. The incorporation of personalized plans ensures a systematic approach, fostering improvement. This approach instills confidence in each cricketer as they evolve in their gameAkash Chauhan's method is tailored to enhance both the individual skills and team dynamics of players.

How can I book a session with Akash Chauhan?

Booking a session with Akash Chauhan is easy! Just visit the 'Book a session' section on this page, select your preferred date and time, and get ready to elevate your cricketing skills under the guidance of one of the best.

Where does Akash Chauhan practice?

Akash Chauhan practices at Unnati Marg, Vivek Vihar Phase I, Vivek Vihar, Delhi, India.

Why do players visit Akash Chauhan?

Players seek out Akash Chauhan for expertise in Batting & Bowling, successful track record, and the personalized coaching method. Akash Chauhan's focus on Batting & Bowling attracts both budding and seasoned cricketers.

What age groups does Akash Chauhan specialize in coaching?

Akash Chauhan offers coaching for various age groups ranging from young beginners to advanced players. Specializing in training All Age Groups players, Akash Chauhan tailors coaching sessions to meet the developmental needs of each group.

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