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Pankaj Patankar

Pankaj Patankar

Batting Bowling Wicketkeeping

Universal Cricket Academy

Universal Cricket Academy, New Ranip, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Pankaj Patankar stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of cricket coaching, boasting ICC Level-1 certification and over 15 years of invaluable experience in nurturing cricketing talent. His journey, deeply rooted in the Baroda Cricket Association, spans across various age groups, where he made indelible marks in All India University competitions and SGFI tournaments. Pankaj's prowess extends beyond coaching, as he assumes the prestigious role of head coach for the Mississauga Dolphins in the S9 league, a testament to his leadership and expertise in first-class cricket. Operating from the esteemed Universal Cricket Academy in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Pankaj offers aspiring cricketers a platform to hone their skills and realize their full potential. His coaching approach is characterized by a meticulous blend of technical expertise, strategic thinking, and a profound emphasis on player development. Pankaj's coaching philosophy revolves around creating a supportive and nurturing environment where players can thrive and flourish. During his illustrious coaching career, Pankaj has mentored numerous budding cricketers, including notable names like Manan Hingrajiya and Utsav Sharma. His commitment to excellence is reflected in his meticulously planned training sessions, which are tailored to cater to the individual needs of each player. Whether it's batting, bowling, or wicketkeeping, Pankaj's coaching methods encompass a holistic approach aimed at enhancing every aspect of a player's game. At the heart of Pankaj's coaching ethos lies a relentless pursuit of excellence and a genuine passion for the sport. His dedication to player development and unwavering commitment to excellence make him a sought-after mentor for aspiring cricketers looking to elevate their game to new heights. With Pankaj Patankar as your guide, you can embark on a transformative cricketing journey that promises growth, success, and fulfillment. Experience the pinnacle of cricket coaching excellence with Pankaj Patankar at the Universal Cricket Academy in Ahmedabad. Book your personalized coaching session now and take the first step towards realizing your cricketing dreams. Don't miss this opportunity to train under the tutelage of a seasoned coach who is dedicated to unlocking your full potential on the cricket field. Book your session now at gocricit and embark on a journey towards cricketing excellence.

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ICC level-1

Experience (years)



Baroda Cricket Association U-16,19
And all India university (2 times)

More About Coach 
Pankaj Patankar

Pankaj Patankar brings over 15 years of coaching experience in cricket to the table. Certified at ICC Level-1, he has successfully mentored numerous aspiring cricketers, including notable players like Manan Hingrajiya and Utsav Sharma. Notably, Pankaj serves as the head coach of the Mississauga Dolphins in the S9 league, a premier first-class cricket competition in Canada. His coaching journey is marked by a dedication to player development and a commitment to excellence at all levels of the game.

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Who is Pankaj Patankar?

Pankaj Patankar brings 15 years of experience to the cricket field, with a background in Batting and Bowling . Having achieved : Baroda Cricket Association U-16,19
And all India university (2 times), Pankaj Patankar is well-equipped to guide aspiring cricketers.

What certifications and credentials does Pankaj Patankar hold?

Pankaj Patankar is certified in ICC level-1 and has 15 years of hands-on experience. This foundation has been pivotal in Pankaj Patankar's approach to nurturing young talent.

How does Pankaj Patankar approach coaching?

Pankaj Patankar's primary focus during training sessions is to develop well-rounded cricketers by emphasizing technical skills, mental resilience, strategic thinking, and physical fitness. Clients can expect meticulously planned and structured sessions tailored to individual needs, with a strong emphasis on skill enhancement, game awareness, and overall player development. Pankaj creates a supportive and nurturing learning environment where players can thrive and realize their full potential.Pankaj Patankar's method is tailored to enhance both the individual skills and team dynamics of players.

How can I book a session with Pankaj Patankar?

Booking a session with Pankaj Patankar is easy! Just visit the 'Book a session' section on this page, select your preferred date and time, and get ready to elevate your cricketing skills under the guidance of one of the best.

Where does Pankaj Patankar practice?

Pankaj Patankar practices at Universal Cricket Academy, New Ranip, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Why do players visit Pankaj Patankar?

Players seek out Pankaj Patankar for expertise in Batting and Bowling , successful track record, and the personalized coaching method. Pankaj Patankar's focus on Batting and Bowling attracts both budding and seasoned cricketers.

What age groups does Pankaj Patankar specialize in coaching?

Pankaj Patankar offers coaching for various age groups ranging from young beginners to advanced players. Specializing in training 6-19 years players, Pankaj Patankar tailors coaching sessions to meet the developmental needs of each group.

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